Festival del brodetto (30/05/24 - 02/06/24)

From 30/05/2024 to 02/06/2024

The international brodetto festival is a food and wine event that pays homage to the traditional fish soup prepared according to maritime tradition with at least ten species of fish and accompanied by crusty bread. During the first weekend of July, on the seafront of the Lido of Fano you will be able to taste dishes from the cuisine of the past, but there will also be no shortage of novelties and reinterpretations of the symbolic dish of the city of Fano, thanks above all to guests made up of national chefs and international.

Watch out for the broth outside!

The brodetto festival doesn't stop! In fact, for the entire month of September and October it will be possible, in participating restaurants, to try the traditional Fano seafood dish at a discounted price. Furthermore, there will be a challenge among the participating restaurants to decide the best brodetto.

last year the title was won by the Galeone restaurant located within our facility: www.festivalbrodetto.it/fuoribrodetto-e-un-tripudio-per-il-galeone/

More information: http://www.festivalbrodetto.it


Festival del brodetto (30/05/24 - 02/06/24)